Dark or light, blend or single-origin, all our coffees are sourced internationally, certified organic, and roasted in small batches in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

They’re also starting to get a reputation well beyond our modest location. Enjoy your favorite varieties at our retail location, or order them direct to your door.

Not sure what to try first? Monastery Blend is a great place to start if you like a darker roast, Fiddler's Fusion if you prefer a lighter one.

We offer a range of roasts and blends to suit a variety of tastes. An overview:


Espresso Blend

Our signature Espresso Blend, used at our shop every day for all espresso based beverages. Packed with sweet caramel notes, this strong libation will be sure to lift those dreary eyes. In our opinion it's the perfect espresso flavor, truly everything you could imagine all in one cup. Roasted in a Northern Italian style to give it a bright impression, smooth flavor, and a full body. (details / order)

Espresso Blend Decaf

A truly great cup of decaf coffee. Packed with all the flavors of our signature espresso, this strong libation will be sure to lift those dreary eyes even without the caffeine rush.  (details / order)

Sleepy Monk Window Sticker (Pack)

Love Sleepy Monk? Tell the world.....or just the person driving behind you! Ultra dye cut window sticker from our friends at Fair Weather Press in Gearhart, OR. Magnet and extra 5x8 and 3x4 Bag stickers included.  (details / order)

French Roasts

Cannon Beach Brackish Brew

This is by far our darkest blend yet.  Like the blustery winter storms of the Oregon coast, this dark stout brew rolls in with thunder, sharp undertones and a smoky finish. Grab a warm blanket and watch nature take its course. (details / order)

French Roast Colombian

Further roasted than our Dark Colombian in flavor, this French Roast will also not disappoint. A very bold and toasty aroma will fill your senses at the lift of every cup. Low acidity and an even mouth feel will soften your day. Sometimes the simple things in life bring indulgent refuge. (details / order)

French Roast Sumatra

If you like a blackish cup of coffee, look no further. Heavily bold, smoky, and smooth, our French Roast Sumatra offers up a velvety and toasty mouth-feel while still holding tightly to a full-bodied taste. (details / order)

Rusty Nail

Like a loyal weathered spike set through structural beam in a cabin, this coffee does its job without fail, ready to keep you caffeinated day after day.  A classic Sleepy Monk Dark Roast Blend that has been around since the coffee shop opened, and will be around for years to come. A bold dark roast flavor, strong body, subtly sweet essence, and slightly smoky finish. (details / order)


Bogmans Brew

A mighty roast with a modest bite. Who knows what one might find in in the foggy bogs of Ireland? With this blend we can guarantee you’ll find layers of bold, robust, dark, and spicy flavors. Best served with rich food or a hearty meal with friends and family. (details / order)

Dark Brazil

Dark Roast Brazil is back. This coffee is from the same region and farms that our recent peaberry version came from. Sleepy Monk tasting notes: Dark chocolate, with a hint of cherry/toasted almond, and a subtle caramel flavor. Grown in clay minerals and dried naturally in the sun and on mechanical driers before processing to help retain a brighter flavor. (details / order)

Dark Colombian

Rich in flavor, this dark roast will not disappoint. A sweet and zesty aroma will fill your senses as you take a sip. The low acidity of this coffee will lend to an even, balanced palate that will soften your day. Sometimes the simple things in life bring indulgent refuge. (details / order)

Dark Colombian Decaf

Our boldest and darkest decaf coffee will fulfill that punch without the zing. Load up on dessert and skip the caffeine. This full-bodied Decaf Dark Colombian is sure to satisfy and also let you sleep. (details / order)

Dark Guatemalan

A house favorite over the years, this medium dark roasted single origin coffee consistently brews a delicious cup . You can look forward to a rich well-balanced flavor profile, with notes of a chocolatey sweetness, nuttiness, and subtle acidity that complement each other nicely. (details / order)

Dark Roast Peru

Our roasters decided to increase the caramelization of the roast to offer a deeper full-bodied flavor with hints of toasted nut, raw sugarcane, and dark caramel. The complex profile of this bold and rich-tasting coffee makes it a must-try for anyone who loves a unique dark roast. Grown in Provinces of Jaén and San Ignacio in the department of Cajamarca, Peru. (details / order)

Dark Roast Uganda

One of our house favorites, this dark roasted single origin coffee is incredibly bold yet smooth with an intriguing full-bodied flavor  Sipi Falls is a beautiful landmark in Uganda, flowing from Mount Elgon. The rich volcanic soil makes an excellent foundation for growing coffee. Smooth, rich, bold, and slightly smokey aromatic flavors will fill your senses. (details / order)

Monastery Blend

Our signature and most popular house blend. For those of you who love a great, smooth, dark, full-bodied, and sturdy cup of joe, this is for you. This blend is well balanced and ready to perk you up at a moment’s notice. (details / order)

Monastery Blend Pods

Our signature house blend,  For those of you who love a great, smooth, dark, full-bodied, and sturdy cup of joe, this is for you. This blend is well balanced and ready to perk you up at a moment’s notice. (details / order)

Muddy Waters

A great blend to help beat those rainy day blues. Muddy Waters is a dark, sweet, and smoky marriage of flavors that will have you singing once the sun comes out of the clouds.

This dark dominant blend is lightly packed with a medium shine, for a hint of brightness that makes it subtly divine. (details / order)

Oregon Fog

Oregon Fog, a new blend featuring dark and medium roasts from Sleepy Monk. Released 11/01/2022. Like a thick layer of Fog on the horizon, this blend of dark and medium roasted coffee rolls into your cup with a rich and robust flavor of bittersweet chocolate and vanilla bark then settles with an airy finish of nutty and slightly earthy tones. Oregon Fog has an intriguing aroma, a full body, and lively flavor.
(details / order)

Medium Dark

Dark Roast India

Rich and Dark. Hints of vanilla bark, clove and floral earth tones. Sit around a campfire with a mug of this coffee, it pairs perfectly. A unique coffee that will only be around for a limited time, not much left in inventory at the roastery. (details / order)

Decaf House Blend

A delicate and yet bold blend, without the caffeine. A perfect marriage between two South American decaf coffees, this intricately woven couple will tantalize your taste buds. (details / order)

Fiddlers Fusion

A combination of both medium and dark roasts renders a well-tempered coffee for any occasion. Like the strands on the bow of a fiddle, this sweet and complex blend is guaranteed to make your taste buds dance. (details / order)

Gaelic Grounds

Slightly spicy, yet smooth, a coffee that lays smack dab in the middle. Like the soil of Ireland, this full-bodied blend will fill your senses with delight. Makes a good gift to a great friend. (details / order)

Monk's Choice Blend

Rich and smooth, this blend will keep you going back cup after cup. Legend has it that an order of monks in the hills of Southern Ethiopia discovered the coffee beans we produce today. This collaboration of coffee is our tribute to those faithful monks.  (details / order)


Bali Blue Moon

This well-balanced and earthy coffee gives way to hints of peat, charred wood, toasted nut and light chocolate. Incredibly smooth down to the last drop. Organic Blue Moon (details / order)

Costa Rican

Features notes of intense citrus and well-rounded sharpness. This coffee slams your taste buds like a wave, with glassy peaks loaded with caffeine and no lingering aftertaste. (details / order)


This distinctive medium roast is loaded full of vibrant berry/fruit notes, a rich chocolaty undertone, and a syrupy like body. Ethiopia produces a quality coffee.
(details / order)

Kenya Peaberry

This Kenyan coffee was grown in nutrient-rich red volcanic soil and naturally dried in the sun. Tasting notes: Milk chocolate and berry, with nut undertones and a smooth finish.  (details / order)

Medium Colombian Decaf

Naturally light bodied with balanced acidity. Brews a smooth tasting cup accompanied by hints of caramel and vanilla. This is our lightest decaf single origin coffee. Enjoy all the perks of a quality medium roast without the caffeine. (details / order)


Cheerfully light bodied, yet paired with delicate acidity and warm aromas, thus laying way to a mellow and sophisticated cup of coffee. A challenging temptation, we are sure you’ll have another. (details / order)

Papua New Guinea

Full-bodied with chocolate and almond aromas. A pleasant harmony between sweet and slightly earthy tones. The region's remarkable fertile soil helps produce a bean rich in flavor. Our team decided on a medium roast to balance the tropical fruit-like essence with its spicy counterpart. This caffeine-rich coffee will help add some extra pep in your step! (details / order)

Sligo Sludge

Burly and bittersweet! Don’t be fooled by the name, this all-medium roast blend pulls and dominates in full flavor. Packed with caffeine, this blend delivers an indulgent adrenaline rush. You have been given fair warning! (details / order)


Noticeably higher in caffeine for those adrenaline junkies. Weighted with citrus and floral nuances, our top-heavy Medium Sumatra will send your senses in multiple directions. (details / order)