Oregon Fog

A bag of Oregon Fog Sleepy Monk Coffee sitting on a rock with seaweed

Oregon Fog, a new blend featuring dark and medium roasts from Sleepy Monk. Released 11/01/2022.

Like a thick layer of Fog on the horizon, this blend of dark and medium roasted coffee rolls into your cup with a rich and robust flavor of bittersweet chocolate and vanilla bark then settles with an airy finish of nutty and slightly earthy tones. Oregon Fog has an intriguing aroma, a full body, and lively flavor.

Part of the allure of the Oregon Coast is its stunning and dynamic weather. Howling wind, thundering waves, and rainstorms that soak you to the core. But one of the more magical coastal phenomenas has to be the fog that hugs the seashore and engulfs the beach in a salt-tinged cloud. This inspired Sleepy Monk’s brand-new blend of coffee, Oregon Fog.


This blend was conjured by our head roaster, inspired by the dynamic weather of the Oregon Coast.

Blend: All single-origin beans in Oregon Fog are roasted separately at different levels and combined after cooling. This blend includes both dark and medium roasts.

Certifications: Organic and fair trade