Kenya Kericho Kapngetuny Peaberry GrainPro

Grower: Smallholder farmers organized around the Kapngetuny Farmers Co-operative Society Limited (FCS)
Region: Kericho County, Kenya
Altitude: 1,796 meters
Process: Fully washed
Variety: SL28, SL34, and Ruiru 11
Harvest: April-June
Soil: Volcanic loam
Certification: Conventional

Background Details:
Kenya Kericho Kapngetuny Peaberry GrainProis sourced from family owned farms organized around the Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited (FCS), in Nyeri County, Kenya, on the eastern slopes of Aberdares mountain ranges.  Othaya FCS was established in 1956, has 19 factories (wet mills), and more than 14,000 members.  Each factory processes coffee from farmers who generally have half acre plots averaging 250 coffee trees.  Othaya FCS also has its own dry mill operation in Gatuyaini.